Security Gate Prices

The price of security gates ranges from R1100 to R11000+, depending on the security gate type, size and material. 

Security gates provide an excellent physical barrier against crime and are great crime deterrents. They can be used on exterior doors and inside the home for added peace of mind. 

Below is a useful table explaining average security gate costs:

Sliding Trellis Security GatesR2200 to R11000+
Swing Security GatesR1100 to R3300+
Slam Lock Security GatesR1800 to R3900+
Security Gate InstallationR500 to R1000

What Affects the Price of Security Gates?

The cost of security gates ranges from R1100 to R11000+ and is determined by the following:

  • Operation type (eg. swing gate, slam lock, manual)
  • Dimensions
  • Material (eg. steel, aluminium, metal alloys, etc)
  • Security gate brand
  • Labour involved
  • Transport costs
  • Extras needed (eg.gloss paint, security cameras, etc)
  • Standard door size or customised

Generally, the wider and higher the security gate, the higher the cost will be. 

Types of Security Gates

Security gates come in a wide range of styles, colours and mechanisms of operation to suit your needs. 

They can be painted to blend in with your property and used both inside and on exterior door frames. 

The main types of security gates are:

  • Sliding trellis
  • Swing gate
  • Slam lock

The security gate you choose will depend on your budget and preference for security gate operation. 

Sliding Trellis Security Gates

Sliding trellis security gates are perfect for wide glass sliding doors and to seal off patios or rooms with wide door frames. 

This security gate slides along a track and can be slammed shut. The price of sliding trellis security gates is between R2200 and R11000+. 

Some pros and cons to sliding trellis gates include:

  • Most expensive security gate option
  • Easy to use 
  • Comes in a range of colours
  • Excellent crime deterrent

Swing Security Gates

As the most cost-effective option, swing security gates are quick and easy to install

Swing gate security prices range from R1100 to R3300+, depending on the brand and material used. 

Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages to swing security gates:

  • Cheapest security gate option
  • Quick installation 
  • Come in a wide range of styles and colours 
  • Can be customised with aesthetic details
  • Require more room to open
  • Take longer to lock than slam lock security gates

Slam Lock Security Gates

Slam lock security gates are best known for how easy they are to slam shut

A good slam lock security gate will set you back between R1800 and R3500+, depending on the size, material and brand of the gate. 

Some points to consider with slam lock security gates are:

  • Don’t need a lot of space to open
  • Come in a limited color and style range
  • Easy to use – just slam shut!
  • Quick to lock 

Looking for more pricing info regarding the costs of securing a property?

Top Security Gate Brands

There are many great security gate brands in South Africa. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Trellis
  • Maxidor
  • Xpanda
  • Saftidoor
  • Magnadoor
  • Robodoor