Driveway Gate Pricing Guide 2024

If you’re considering installing a driveway gate in South Africa, you’re likely wondering about the cost involved. On average installing a Driveway Gate can cost from R1000 – R30000+ depending on the type of gate, the size, design, material and if the gate will be motorized or not. Installing a well-made security gate will:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Increased Property Value
  • Improved Privacy
  • Improved Curb Appeal
  • Noise Reduction 
  • Child and Animal Safety

For more on the costs of installing a Driveway Gate please read on or alternatively contact us today and a partner will contact you shortly and discuss your needs to determine a personalized quote.

What Influences The Price Of Installing A New Driveway Gate?

Several elements can influence the final cost of your driveway gate installation. Here are some key factors:

  • Gate Material: The choice of material used in constructing the gate is a major cost determinant. While steel gates are generally less expensive than those made from aluminium or wood, opting for bespoke materials can significantly raise the cost.
  • Design Intricacy: The cost is also influenced by the complexity of the design. Designs that are more elaborate require additional time and expertise to fabricate and install, which can increase the total expense.
  • Gate Size: The dimensions of the gate also matter. Larger gates necessitate more materials and labour to install, subsequently raising the overall price.
  • Gate Automation: Should you choose to mechanize your gate, the cost will vary depending on the automation system you select.
  • Installation Process: The intricacies of the installation, including any required groundwork or modifications to your driveway, can further affect the total cost.

Different Gate Types and their typical costs

Let’s have a look at the most common Driveway Gate types and the typical Costs involved with each:

  • Sliding Gates: A favourite for their space-saving design, sliding gates start from R8,000 and could reach up to R20,000+, dependent on design complexity and size. Motorization for sliding gates can range between R6,400 and R12,000+, dictated by gate size, weight, and the chosen sliding gate motor. 
  • Swing Gates: Swing gates, offering a classic aesthetic, are generally more economical, with prices between R9,000 and R18,000+. The expense of adding a motor can range from R10,000 to R20,000+, varying depending on whether it’s a single or double swing gate, as well as the chosen swing gate motor. 
  • Bi-folding Gates: Excellent for broader driveways due to their efficient use of space, bi-folding gates can range from R12,000 to R23,000+. As they are a bit more intricate to motorize due to their folding design, the motorization cost typically falls between R16,000 and R30,000+. 
  • Custom Gates: If you’re looking to align perfectly with your property’s aesthetics, custom gates could be your choice. Prices can greatly vary from R12,000 to R25,000+, depending on the sophistication of the design and the materials used. Installation Labor Cost: The labour expense for the installation of a driveway gate usually ranges from R2,500 to R5,000.

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Price List of Typical Gate Prices

Type of Driveway GateAverage Cost
Sliding GatesR10,000 – R20,000+
Swing GatesR9,000 – R18,000+
Bi-folding GatesR12,000 – R23,000+
Custom GatesR12,000 – R25,000+

**Please note that these prices are averages and actual costs may vary based on the factors mentioned earlier. For a more accurate quote tailored to your specific needs, please contact GP Security Gates.

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FAQs Driveway Gate Installations

What does the price for installing a driveway gate encompass? 

The overall pricing for gate installation often includes the gate itself, labor costs related to installation, and essential hardware. If there’s a need to dispose of an old gate, this cost might be part of the overall price too. 

What is the recommended frequency for driveway gate maintenance? 

The frequency of maintenance can differ based on the gate’s material and type. Nonetheless, it’s generally advised to carry out a maintenance check at least annually to ensure your gate’s optimal operation and safety.

Do driveway gates enhance the security of my property? 

Absolutely, driveway gates don’t just elevate the aesthetic value of your property but also boost its security. They can deter potential intruders. For enhanced security measures, you could consider incorporating an automated gate opener or a security system. 

How much time is required for the installation of a driveway gate? 

The duration of gate installation can be influenced by the type of gate and the complexity of the installation process. Typically, installation may take a couple of hours to several days. 

Does GP Security Gates offer customized solutions for driveway gates? 

Indeed, GP Security Gates provides tailor-made solutions for driveway gates according to your specific requirements and design preferences. Contact their team for more details. 

Which driveway gate would best suit my property? 

The optimal choice of driveway gate for your property is reliant on various factors such as your financial plan, space constraints, aesthetic tastes, and security requirements. The team at GP Security Gates can guide you in choosing the most suitable option for your situation.