Swing Security Gate Installations

Swing security gates offer the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern security solutions. These gates swing open and closed like a traditional door, providing a robust barrier against potential intruders while enhancing the appeal of your property. With GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars, we offer an array of swing security gates, customisable to suit your property and security needs.

  • Add elegance to your property with a traditional touch.
  • Provide robust security, deterring potential intruders.
  • Suitable for various entrances including front, side, and back doors.
  • Customisable designs to suit different aesthetic preferences and needs.
  • High durability with less maintenance needs.

For superior quality swing security gates at an affordable price, contact GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars today! We will connect you with a vetted partner in your area who will assess your needs and provide you with a personalised quote.

Different Types of Swing Security Gates

Swing security gates come in a range of styles to suit various needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the most popular types, each offering unique advantages:

Single Swing Security Gates 

These gates are perfect for single-door entrances. They are simple, efficient, and blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your property.

  • Advantages:
    • Ideal for standard doorways.
    • Simple and efficient operation.
    • Available in a variety of designs and finishes.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Not suitable for wider entrances.
    • May require more space to swing open compared to sliding gates.

Double Swing Security Gates 

For larger entrances, double swing gates offer additional security and allow for more space for movement. They consist of two gate panels that meet in the middle when closed.

  • Advantages:
    • Perfect for wider entrances, such as double doors.
    • Offers a grand and appealing entrance.
    • Allows for large objects to pass through easily.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Requires significant space for the gates to swing open.
    • More complex to install compared to single swing gates.

Benefits of Installing Swing Security Gates

Investing in swing security gates brings along numerous benefits:

  • Robust Security: Swing security gates offer an additional layer of security to your property, deterring potential intruders.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With their classic design, swing security gates enhance the overall look of your property.
  • Customisable: From design to colour, swing security gates can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Durability: These gates are designed to withstand the test of time, providing a long-lasting security solution.
  • Easy Access: Swing security gates offer easy and convenient access for homeowners while keeping potential intruders at bay.

Why Choose a GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars Partner for Your Swing Security Gates?

Finding a reliable security gate installer can be daunting. This is why GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars have vetted security gate installers from across South Africa and selected the very best to join our network of professionals. By opting for a GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars partner, you secure:

  • Professional installation: Our partners have years of experience in installing swing security gates.
  • Customisation options: Whether you prefer a single, double, or patio swing gate, our partners can help you customise it to fit your property perfectly.
  • High-quality products: Our partners only install gates made from top-quality materials to ensure maximum security and longevity.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our partners provide excellent after-sales service, answering all your queries promptly and professionally.
  • Competitive pricing: You’ll receive a fair and competitive quote for the installation.
  • Quick turnaround: Our partners work efficiently to ensure your gate is installed swiftly and correctly.

Remember, security is not a luxury but a necessity. Protect your home or business by installing a swing security gate today. Contact GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars and we will connect you to a vetted gate installer in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions Swing Security Gates

Can I customise my swing security gate?

Yes, our partners can customise your swing security gate to match your property’s aesthetic and functional needs.

How much does a swing security gate cost?

The cost of a swing security gate varies depending on the material, size, and level of customisation. Contact a GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars partner for a personalised quote.

How long does the installation process take?

 The duration of the installation depends on the complexity of the project. Our partners aim to install your gate as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising on quality.

How secure are swing security gates? 

Swing security gates are extremely secure. They are made from high-quality, durable materials and, when locked, provide a robust barrier against unauthorised entry

Are swing security gates suitable for commercial properties? 

Absolutely. Swing security gates are versatile and can be installed in both residential and commercial properties. They provide an efficient security solution without compromising the professional look of your business premises.

What materials are swing security gates made from?

Swing security gates can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium and even wrought iron for a more traditional look. The choice of material can depend on your personal preference and the level of security required.

How are swing security gates maintained?

Swing security gates require little maintenance. Regular checks to ensure the hinges are in good condition and occasional cleaning with mild soapy water is usually all that’s needed.

What should I do if my swing security gate gets damaged? 

If your gate gets damaged, contact your GP Security Gates and Burglar Bars partner. They can assess the damage and provide an appropriate solution, whether that be repair or replacement.

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